Children know they are creative. Just watch them paint.  They freely express themselves and engage with their art as they allow their emotions to guide their brush. And most of all, they enjoy the process, all the while having fun just playing. We were all free once, and some of you may already feel the urge to paint again.

I believe art was meant to be an outlet for all. That’s why at five, we painted without thinking. We had no judgments about it and knew it was our personal expression, so we hardly compared our work to others. But soon after, we lost that creative freedom and began to believe we were just not good at art.

Creativity is coming back. We are now living in a creative revolution and people are finding creative ways to express themselves. Creativity is bubbling up in many who haven’t touched a paintbrush in years.

My goal is to help bring this creative freedom to you with the following workshops.


Creativity Workshops
Many people are feeling the urge to paint but don’t know where to start. Corporations and organizations are discovering the benefits to a creative routine, even if only for a way to reflect and connect to their inner artist. Now is the time to cultivate this innate expression inside all of us. If your group is looking for a creative workshop, contact me for a custom proposal.

Healing Art Workshops
When our intuition is our guide, it provides us the freedom to create while letting go. It also gives us a healthy way to change beliefs into ones that improve our life. Art really helps us cope with life. And that is why so many are looking to paint even if they never have before. In this workshop, you will learn a freestyle painting method where you are encouraged to let your gut be your guide. Enjoy the freedom of playing with colors and brushstrokes while you release inhibitions and stress. Private sessions and custom workshops available. Contact me for more information.

Paint Your Pain Away
If you are ready to deal with deeper issues, this class will help you see through distractions and reach your underlying wisdom. It takes courage to face your feelings and release unwanted beliefs to connect to your Inner Wisdom for guidance and healing. Private sessions and custom workshops available. Contact me for more information.

Contact me for a proposal!


Maintaining your painting healing art practice is a wonderful way to get the special attention you need. If you would like to set up a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule to bring painting back into your life, contact me and we will begin as soon as you are ready.


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Webinars and Teleclasses
Webinars and teleclasses are also available upon request for seven or more participants. Contact me with your needs and we will set up a class.