Sequester Relief

An Intuitive creative exercise to find inner relief from the Government Sequester.

If you are concerned or worried or angry over the mandated sequester and you’re finding it hard to feel good about anything, here is a quick creative exercise that will help you release some stress while going through this tough time.

Find a blank piece of paper and a pencil or pen. Pencil is recommended because of its shading abilities but a pen will do just fine. Then find another piece of paper to write on. It could be your journal or a notebook or another blank piece of paper. Find a spot in your home that is most relaxing to you. Take a few really deep breaths in and out to help you relax. Write a few statements about how you are feeling now. Let the thoughts just flow out of you onto your page without being concerned about grammar or spelling or how it sounds. You just want your thoughts to come out of you.

After you write about 2-3 sentences, pick up your pencil and start “drawing” and making marks on your blank piece of paper. Let yourself be free with how you make these marks. As you scribble, let your thoughts and beliefs come through your arm and onto your paper. After about five minutes of drawing, start writing again. Let all your thoughts come out of you freely. Continue going back and forth between writing and painting. When you do this, you will eventually reach that part of you inside that has all the relief you have been waiting for. Your writing will change as if someone else is talking to you. The words that flow sound as if they are coming from a wise soul. They will be soft, they will be just what you need, and most of all, when you hear these words, they will bring you relief.

When these words start bringing you relief, continue writing until you feel it’s time to stop. You have reached your Inner Wisdom and the words she/he speaks will be perfect for you at the moment you write them. Continue using this process until you start feeling good, regardless of your circumstances. This is the relief that will help you through the tough time you are going through. Know that we are all capable of creating a life we want and it starts with connecting to our Inner Wisdom to bring us the words that change our limiting beliefs. During the day, repeat those new empowering beliefs and you will begin to feel refreshed with energy to make it through this mandated government sequester.