Most Precious 10/14/13


Many of us are not knowing what is going on in the world. Many are experiencing so much stress, so many hardships, so much that is unknown. Much of what is happening, the push and pull in the energy field, is so confusing, so nonsensical, we’re barely able to handle just our daily lives. Things are changing at an alarming rate. And some are having trouble hanging on.

It’s as if we’re clearing a foundation for a huge building that will be birthed. First the land is chosen and cleared of surface debris. Unwanted rocks and trees and stumps are removed. Then the excavation begins. The digging and clearing out of the land, the hollowing of the ground to prepare the area where the building will stand. The machines dig deep into the ground and pile up the soil to be taken away. The opening in the ground is left to settle. After the inner part is ready, the cement will be poured. This foundation process takes so much time.

We are in a time of filling. This time of filling is lovely and wonderful and hopeful and mesmerizing. This time of filling will be cherished, like being pampered. It will be remembered as a wonderful time, even missed as being so important, so necessary. Almost as if it will be the time in our lives that stands out as most precious.

The filling is the laying in of the foundation of the structure from which our life will rise… the surety of our connection to our Inner Wisdom. The releasing of resistance, meaning, the nervousness, the guilt, the disappointments of not yet having what we want. The knowing that many are looking for a beautiful way to connect. It is the clearing of the muck, the digging and removing of the unwanted, then comes the filling of all that is wanted.

What do you want? Do you even know? If what we have is not wanted, then the opposite is what we want. Most of all, we want relief. One way to get some relief is to look at your life like a clump of clay. Love molding the clay of your life. All this stuff that is coming at you gives you opportunity to mold the clay of life. The anger you feel is great training for what you need to get over. And that is to not give even a second of your brain power to what is holding you back. Yet, all this takes time. Time to disengage from the energy that holds you back. Because what we all really want is to be the one we were meant to be when we arrived here on earth. That is the beauty we seek: To view the world from the eyes of our selves when we arrived.