Being Accepting 8/22/13

BeingAcceptingWhen I first woke up this morning, a feeling of nervousness set in. That uncomfortable rush of anxious energy that makes me feel out of control. That’s not how I wanted to feel. So what do I want to feel? Accepting was the first word that came to mind.

I thought of last night, how Roy’s friends were accepting of me. One in particular. We were at a bowling alley and I felt awkward, so out of place. I made small talk with all of his friends, then I went off to sit on my own. I was uncomfortable with not wanting to be there. Instead of forcing myself to make conversation, I just let myself be. I didn’t tell myself to snap out of it. I didn’t force myself to behave differently. I just let myself feel weird and that on its own was so comforting. I was so easy on myself and decided to do what would bring me some relief. I searched the internet about art.

Then one of the guys leaned over my shoulder and said, “they know where you are all of the time.” We started chatting about being watched and that they know everything we are doing. That broke the ice and the night became more bearable.

So now, I’m ready to start a painting on “Being Accepting.” To help me feel more accepting, first of myself, because that’s where all emotions start. When I feel more accepting of myself and just let me be, then I automatically feel the same way about others.

The red ameba-looking shape at the top left is my nervousness. That’s what my nervous energy looks like. It has tentacles and heat coming off of it, reaching out to seep into me. I surrounded it with blue, a soothing calm energy. Then fushia, then more blue. I added fushia to the nervousness, then it softened.

What does being accepting feel like? Just sit for a minute and feel acceptance move through you. Accept what is. Let the essence of the word set in. It feels relaxed and calming. Level. It feels gentle, not rushed, nor nervous. Being accepting feels open and welcoming of whatever is. Wherever you are, you instantly feel okay. However you normally feel fades away and you soak into a softness, like resting in a hammock with no thought in mind. Any nervousness you feel slows down. Your energy is freer. You feel light and peaceful. Acceptance is a positive flowing energy that makes you feel relief.

Aaah, the feeling of acceptance is non-judgmental, non-critical, welcoming anything as it is. Acceptance is allowing all to be who they are. It’s such a positive stance to take. It makes things so much more relaxed. It puts others at ease. It puts me at ease.

My accepting energy has tentacles of its own, reaching out into the Universe, seeking others who are accepting. My accepting energy is open to absorbing others who welcome me as I am. It’s receptive to others that are as accepting as I am. This energy grows the more I allow myself to be. The energy increases the more I leave myself alone. When I leave myself be, it is natural to just leave others be as they are. This painting is a catalyst to being an accepting human being. Feel into the colors and energy as you allow yourself to accept. This just feels so good.