The Cradle, 2/20/2013


A few weeks ago, I painted this 8″ x 8″ painting. Below is a portion of my journal writing that accompanies it.

It started with a sweep of yellow. The first thought that came to mind was a cradle. It’s a bright, soft, glowing upright cradle, like a papasan chair. It’s a resting place, a cushion that you just lean back on and comfort surrounds you. You lie back, snuggle in, and swing your feet. Deep rest. It feels as if you are doing nothing when you rest, but really, you are opening up to well-being. As you sink your back into the enveloping softness and turn your head to one side to touch the cushion, your body and mind and spirit joins at this place of rest… A smoky mist of Spirit points toward the center. Sounds like steam. The steam opens you up, releases and cleanses. It’s a deep cleaning, like a sauna. Calming and refreshing, the steam reaches your core. It cleans without soap. It cleans without scrubbing. It cleans without dunking into water. Shhhh! the steam says. Pssst, the steam calls. We have a secret we want to tell you. Delicious, delectable, yummy, juicy secrets just waiting for you. Stare into the colors, feel your senses rise. Allow the goodness to flow as you gaze upon this painting…. We lift the secrets from inside you because that’s where we reside. The secrets may come as feelings, some may come as words, often not in complete sentences and often not making sense. But know this, the secrets that reside within you are always right for you.