OWC #1

In my work I paint energy. The invisible energy that flows around us and through us. While I paint I receive insights from my Spiritual Source, my Inner Wisdom. Here is a short excerpt that accompanied the above painting created in February 2012 .

“We always seek answers. We need to know why things happen, what they mean and how we can fix them. We think those with more schooling know more. They do. Years of study, reading, digesting knowledge gives them an edge. We did not study as they did. We did not devote years of analyzing and solving and rectifying the mind, the one that can’t find happiness. They understand how our psyche works. They used trials and reports and successes. We can’t discuss psychological lingo with them. We lack knowledge. Or do we? Is this the Age of Enlightenment? Can we be moving into a Creative Revolution, where art and color and brushstrokes and layering a painting delves deeper into our own inner wisdom. Does painting really give our True Source a voice and delivers knowledge beyond what we read or study or know? Can creating something out of nothing, splashing colors without judgment freely allowing our inner knowing to guide our stroke and bring us to a level of knowledge that reaches beyond study? Is this truly an age we are stepping into? … This painting is to get you well. Each stroke gives pure comfort.”