Questions Answered

A couple I know was in a severe car accident eight weeks ago. The man suffered broken ribs and a badly bruised shoulder. The woman was rushed to the USC Trauma Center where the surgeon added pins and two rods to her spine. She is still recuperating  with physical therapy, she wears a body brace when she is up and about, and walks slowly with the help of a cane. Yesterday, I picked her up from her hair salon and took her to Home Goods to pick up a few items she needed. It was difficult for her to get around yet she maintained a positive outlook. She was grateful that she improved every day and getting back into her routine helped her appreciate life.

In this painting, I offered this couple more healing energy similar to praying, finding places inside of each of them to soothe their physical and emotional injuries caused by this unfortunate event. Blue and purple came to mind as the colors to use. Iridescent pearl mixed in with these colors made them lighter and I also added gold metallic to blend with the opaque purple and blue.

The physical injuries are being nursed back to health with therapy. Questions unanswered afflict them. My brush strokes are slow, soft, and small, carefully placed yet intuitively led. Finishing touches in gold foil and paint pens close out this session sending healing answers to this couple through our Spirit and Creator.