Connecting to Our Source

What is Source? Some of us call it God, some call it the Universe or the Collective Wisdom. Whatever name we use, it is all that is true and good. It knows what is best for us. It guides us in the correct direction and helps us make the best decisions. It also helps us face the truth, our perfect truth, and make adjustments in our behaviors and our actions. It helps us obtain what is best. It keeps us on track and in the flow of all that brings us health and peace.

But what if we are disconnected and off track? What if we feel stagnant or are hindered by something or discouragements appear? How can we realign ourselves with our Source?

I felt a gentle tug, a pulling of some sort that wanted me to trust. It wanted me to give up my striving, to give up my worry, to give up my confusion. Amongst all the advice and council from this or that, how can I connect to the one true Source that can guide me through life with ease and comfort? I don’t believe we are supposed to be uncomfortable. I don’t believe that life should be a chore. I believe we should be guided through life fully connected, fully in tune with our Inner Source of all that is good, correct, and perfect for our selves. It’s uncomfortable for others when we follow our Source. Plus, things get rocky for us when we follow their advice. But we tell others our stories, our concerns, our dilemmas, and they offer their suggestions. We listen. We turn all possible options around in our heads, hoping to find the right solution. But they can never truly help us more than our Inner Wisdom. They can never really know what’s best for us. To surround ourselves with our Source, we must first stop asking others for help.

So how do we do all this? Create a painting, a visual that will help you connect.

I started this painting because I was affected by outside energy and I wanted to reconnect to my Source. I painted the center column in yellow, pink, and metallic gold. The edges were painted in metallic white as a protection and shell to keep what is not right for me from penetrating my core. The colors on either side are the outside world. The bubbles represent all the words I hear from friends, family, news reports, emails and internet articles. Source energy needs to engulf all the advice, all the words I hear from outside sources and squeeze them until they pop and dissipate. It is then, when the outside words are no longer inside of my mind, can I hear my true Source speaking. When I hear my Source, life becomes what I intended it to be from the beginning.

We may find some relief when confiding in others. Most often, it’s because we feel understood. When we talk with others it’s because we seek someone we can relate to, someone with whom we can commiserate with, someone who tells us that what we feel is valid. But eventually, we realize that all others can do is operate from their own circle of truth, and that may end up being far from our own. Once we understand that something beyond this physical world knows everything about us and that it knows everything we are capable of, we can point our minds to the omniscient spirit and connect to it on a spiritual level.

What better way to connect to your inner wisdom than with painting? If you wish to create a painting that will help you connect to your True Source, contact me and ask for the “Connecting to Source” instructions to create your own visual reminder.