Passion and Comfort

11/11/11  11 am

Sitting before a white sheet of paper on a pivotal day, metallic emerald and metallic ruby came to mind. My ear flutters inside my ear drum as I look through my jewelry supplies to find green and pink crystals to make a ring to match my painting. Video of my process is here:

Ruby symbolizes passion for life. The ignited soul is the empowered soul. Life was created because of passion. The burning ember is spreading. It is freeing. It will burn then heal. Passion for life will drive wealth and wealth brings healing. Wealth in your emotions, in your soul, in your mind, in your health, in your vision, in your wisdom, in your circle, in your body. Wealth brings health.

Green symbolizes comfort. Not the falling-back-into-what-I-know comfort. But the comfort that comes when your spirit is alive. You knew before you were born what you will accomplish. Comfort arises and sets upon you when you move towards your vision a little step each day, in that direction you set when you were spirit. Remember your mission? Do you see it glimmering? Does it trigger a new direction? You will know true comfort when the butterfly transformations stir within your core.