Have you experienced a loss of appetite?

Has anyone else out there experienced a drastic loss of appetite, where few foods satisfy your hunger, where you can only nibble on small portions? I gradually began losing my desire to eat early this year. My regular-sized dinner was cut in half, then I began skipping lunch, and now my diet usually consists of two small pancakes or a bowl of cereal for breakfast. One container of yogurt with flax seed meal for lunch, and a handful of crackers with peanut butter and an apple for dinner. Some days or evenings I skip eating lunch or dinner. Friends and family noticed. My clothes notice. It’s not that I’m complaining because we all want to loose weight.

But, here’s the strange part.

A woman I often talk to in my neighborhood lost twenty pounds in two months. She became so thin that her skin is barely hanging on her bones. She said she lost interest in everything: food, music, and reading, nothing is satisfying her. She’s gone to several doctors and they say it’s in her mind. Peculiar.

Then just a few weeks, a long-time friend called to say hello and we talked about someone in her life who has also lost her appetite. The woman isn’t eating much of anything. The family thinks she’s starving herself, but I told my friend that this is also happening to me. That got me wondering…

Have you, or anyone else you know, lost their appetite with no real explanation? If so, would you mind sharing with me what you discovered or how you are feeling?