Nature’s Blessings

Everywhere I go, these mountains are in sight. When I drive to the store, the library, or go to a meeting, they remain in full view. And the best time of all is when I’m hiking with Clue right behind my house. He is in his element as we trek through the paths, over stones and bushes, stirring up animals, like bunnies and squirrels and mockingbirds. Have you ever heard a mockingbird? The most beautiful music in nature. It’s like one animal playing a symphony.

On our way home, through the path that leads to our street, the bushes were full of this layer of morning dew. It looked like plastic holding the moisture, but when I touched a tiny corner, the water fell through. Looking at the photo, I saw the creature that created this large sheet of drops. He is dark tan, just one third from the left side and one third down. Another masterpiece I experienced on my walk. Truly, I am blessed to have nature all around.