Kundalini Yoga

“The past is out, the present is in, the future is clear,” a silent mantra used with quick hand movements starting with thumbs and fingers touching placed in front of your sternum, pushing hands outward then bringing them together again touching the base of your hands. This yoga practice is unlike traditional poses you may be familiar with and is done mostly while sitting with crossed legs. I am new to yoga and have been seeking the right practice to bring into my routine. Renting DVDs through Netflix before I made a purchase has been quite helpful. An energy healer recommended I try Kundalini Yoga to release decades of stress I carry in my body. Stimulating the adrenal glands and removing toxins, inhale/exhale breathing occurred naturally with every rocking movement. The short “breaths of fire” brought a spiral vibration through my muscles, sending chills up and down my body. “Kundalini Yoga with Maya Fiennes” was right for me. I looked forward to practicing yoga this morning. After months of searching Netflix for a yoga DVD I would benefit from, I placed my order on Amazon for my own copy. http://tinyurl.com/6jqsml7