Six Years Old

My closed eye with long lashes towards the bottom was left untouched. Above it and left of center is an opening of sorts. Heavens of healing pour down on it. What a difference a new day makes! It helps to see how far I’ve come to know how far I have yet to go. I dream about having enough. Good can come out of anything. Use a “good filter.” Through everything you can see good when you use the right filter. Then the good pours down.

Distracting myself with things that stop me from moving in the right direction. That includes wasting my thoughts on the actions of others. I am putting my focus on what I think and what I do and things that are good to do. Like painting. It feels so good to have a quiet day to paint. All those days I painted in Weho were wonderful. I want to get back to that schedule when I painted 3o% of my week.