Catching Up

The end of the year was spent packing up my 675 ft. sq. apt, moving to a new view, and finding a new walking/running companion. Clue, a Corgi Ikea rescue dog, took some firm patience to train. We spend about an hour every day on the path near our home with mountain views in all directions. He still gets out of control when another dog is near yet he’s improving.

After the first of the year, I began networking for graphic design work. A few potential clients ask me to quote their projects. One decided to do the work herself in Corel Draw. The other is not sure his conference will happen. Another one wanted her project pro bono. I have done so much free work over the years, I won’t do that anymore. She asked what it would cost, I gave her a great deal and got the project. Good clients are out there and I will find them.

Two minutes from our home, I discovered the Chaffey Community Art Association and became a member immediately. Already volunteered as a greeter for an event. Painting has fallen out of my routine, though. I plan on writing my first book all day. It’s already lunchtime and only one paragraph has been written. For some reason, I needed to post this. It’s been too long since my last post.