Wed. 9/8/10
Started a painting but didn’t write. I remember what I was thinking while working on this. The pose was casual for a woman. Her legs were comfortable and she wanted to give away what she was holding.

Sun. 9/12/10
Didn’t paint yesterday, even though I had everything set up. It just doesn’t flow when I’m not alone. Funny-strange how all those years I spent my evenings and weekends alone, sitting bug-eyed watching TV.

Colloquial: 1. conversational 2. words, phrases of informal speech and writing. The word colloquial came up when I was looking at “Abbreviations and Symbols used in this dictionary.” I like the meaning of this word. It describes me, conversational and informal.

Sun. 9/12/10
Watching “Pay It Forward” with Jim Caviezel. “It requires an extreme faith.” (If you haven’t seen this movie, rent it.) Some parts of the painting are still wet. I’ll use white paint to continue the dots. This feels like a self-portrait.