The Rose Angel

Started this painting with a light pink and green base. The words Rose Angel came to mind. It’s perfect weather here: a slight cool breeze, enough to wear a sweatshirt. I hear a new bird chirping interrupted by the truck beeping, airplane flying overhead, car whizzing by followed by a motorcycle. Then I hear the leaves blowing in the wind. Rose Angel is a beautiful flower with a nice aroma. Be careful how you touch it, you may get pricked. The flower is often planted in front of a ground window to ward off would-be burglars. They can’t get to the window with all those sharp thorns. This Angel surrounds me with sharp thorns. Lots of memories are flashing in my mind and making me smile. A former friend who gave my phone number to a guy she met at a park (what was she thinking?), meeting a bunch of people at Isle View park in Tonawanda, running into a guy I knew at Delaware Park, a baseball game, and Chippewa St., all within a short time frame. (strange how a park is the theme here).

The Rose Angel (Archangel Barachiel) is called on when lightening strikes. He carries a rose.