7/30/10 Sold

Art Lesson:
1. Pick a color for the background. You can mix similar colors to achieve the tone you are looking for. The colors will just come to you. Spread out the colors with water. You may fill in the whole surface or leave some white areas. Let that background color dry completely.

2. Using paint, markers and paint pens, make squiggly lines in circles, zigzags, straight lines. Just let your hand flow across the paper. Have fun and let your thoughts flow out through your hand.

3. Write what goes through your mind.

I started with smooth strokes in Cerulean and Cobalt blue. Once that layer dried, I added some squiggles and dots with a markers and paint pens. The gold metallic along the top represents being surrounded by people who have the same values and beliefs as I do. Something is getting me down. I have to flick if off like a leech and not think about it again. I added images of happiness: a smiling face. Just putting my face in that position makes me happier. Smile and see how quickly your mood changes. These paintings are getting something out of me.

In your version of this painting, draw some images that represent things you need. I drew myself in front of an audience. I drew a house near some mountains and water. I drew a dementor in the top right corner with scratches going through it. Happier thoughts, beginning with a smile, started coming out, so I drew more pictures.

Yogi Tea: Truth is Everlasting. I believe this. Yet, there are consequences to telling the truth. You will not be liked. You will be judged and criticized.

I sold my first painting last night. I asked her what she wanted to pay for it. She asked how much I wanted for it. Pause. I gave her a price. She handed me a folded check and not until the next morning did I realize she doubled my price. My journal entry for the painting she bought had a quote from A Course in Miracles in Chapter 12, IV, 5. 2-7. Perfect for her.