Plumb Line: 5/10/10

Ready to paint the bright blue painting I started on 5/2 while working on “Bliss.” I’m starting to use gel medium so my paints dry glossy. It’s looking cool. Bliss is having a handful of good people who you feel better after talking to them.

A word that popped out at me while reading Zechariah was plumb line, meaning a lead weight (plumb bob) hung at the end of the line (plumb line) used to determine how deep water is, or whether a wall is vertical. Not sure how the word bliss and plumb line are related yet.

Watched documentary Herb and Dorothy, famous art collectors who live in NYC. A fantastic story of a librarian and postal clerk lived off of her salary and his was used to buy art, over 4,700 pieces to date. They bought what they loved, what they could afford and what could fit in their apartment.